Which curriculum is offered/ taught at the DISR?

The Central Board for German Schools abroad (ZfA) in Berlin regularly decides on the current curricula for German Schools abroad. Right now, the DISR is following the Thuringian Curriculum as do all the German Schools abroad in the Northern hemisphere. Details and specifications of the curricula for the different subjects can be found in the school’s internal curricula. Link Curricula of Thuringian: https://www.thueringen.de/th2/tmbjs/bildung/bildungsplan/

Which language is used for teaching?

Every subject is taught in German, only exceptions are English, French and Arabic.

What concept is taught in the Kindergarten (Montessori, Waldorf etc.)?

The Kindergarten offers four groups of mixed ages for all kids between two and six years. For more details about the kindergarten and its semi-open concept, please click here.

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